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Operational Knowledge Portal.

What is it?

Stated simply, It is a front-end application of XBPR® for navigating, publishing and automating information stored in the repository. It is a bit like Google for the process data of your company, except that is quite more.
You can browse through the content of the database graphically navigating through processes and charts and drilling down to simple data. You can search for any information using text and natural language queries. You can build and publish reports and automate processes.

Are you ready to Glue it?


  • visual and text-based programmable navigation interfaces;

  • full integration with ARIS Toolset/Business Publisher vers. 7.0.2/ 7.1. full-text search;

  • hierarchical search supported through navigation tree and multi-level filters (enterprise, process and organization concepts);

  • semantic search through free SPARQL query and mind map-like navigation;

  • natural Language search, enabled by the integration of a third-party component for linguistic analysis that enriches the AOM logic;

  • automatic generations of forms (SPARQL JSP): full read-write access to all elements (text and objects) through ontology-based dynamically generated forms;

  • publishing: integrated with BIRT reporting system; integration with other reporting systems supported via XML and APIs;

  • extensive system parametrization through XML configuration files;

  • compatible with main SSO applications: Microsoft NT Domain, Unix-like password files, Network Information Service, Kerberos, etc.

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