05/01/2015 - Ontology-Driven Enterprise Computing: stato dell'arte e esperienze concrete:  BPEng will present (in Italian) the results of the research project ODEC. Click here for more details and to subscribe to the event.

19-23 October 2014 - ISWC2014:  BPEng will present use cases where we applied  XBPR® as Semantic Strategy Execution Platform to execute strategy through business processes.

09/2012 - BPEng and Ontotext  have signed an OEM agreement, now  XBPR® is powered by OWLIM.

07/2012 - XBPR® atest release is integrated with ARIS Business Architect, you can import more than 40 diagrams including all attributes and relations. From XBPR® you can export into XPDL and BPMN merging informations from many diagrams, so you can easly reuse enhanced ARIS process knowledge into workflows and BPM tools.

06/2011 - BPEng will be present at  SEMTECH’11   in the exhibit space of SemanticValley.

05/2010 - Semantic Valley Kick-off: how to create an ecosystem that generates innovation.

11/2009 - Bpeng is board member and  founding  partner  of  the Semantic Valley Consortium.

What is XBPR®?

XBPR® stands for eXtensible Business Process Repository.

XBPR®  empowers you to more effectively utilize your competitive know-how through semantic technologies.
Companies that rely on organizational analysis and conventional tools face problems due to limited accessibility and expensive reusability costs that are associated with having  an overwhelming amount of information.
XBPR®  strategically adopts an ontology-based approach to build a knowledge network that interconnects the entire organization: business processes, organization structures, applications, systems, etc.

Whom for?

System integrators, BPM vendors and management consulting  companies  focused  on  delivering organizational consultancy and Business Process Management solutions.

SMEs  and large enterprises  that are  investing  in process mapping and reorganisation projects and in Integrating applications.

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